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It’s been so hard balancing school and working everyday and i’m just so glad that it’s all paying off. my paycheck was $100 more than I expected because i have worked so many hours. on top of that, i made high A’s on my statistics test and on my visual comm test and i made a B on the anthropology test that i was freaking out about. i also got a letter saying i received another scholarship. even if it’s only for this year, that’s still money that i get because i earned it and i’m so grateful.
i’m just glad that i actually am balancing these two things evenly and not letting one suffer.
my life is honestly so wonderful right now and i’m so happy. all i need is to see confettidreamer everyday again and it would be perfect.


my desk pretty much holds all my prized possessions





'cause the players gonna play play play play play

alligators alligate gate gate gate gate

elevators elevate vate vate vate vate

shake it off


  1. im really pretty
  2. ur really pretty
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 ❦ pastel lolita ❦
My edit🌸💕

original photo is from misamys